Boston Seafood Fest


Sunday is National Seafood Day. This year's edition of the annual Boston Seafood Festival, hosted by the city's largest seafood provider, the Boston Fish Company, will feature lobster bakes, chefs demos, a beer tasting and more. Here's what to expect.

The Festival kicks off with a ceremony held on Boston Harbor. Hosted by the mayor, the ceremony marks the official opening of the festivities. The guests that attend will receive free admission and take in an afternoon of exhibits, lectures, demonstrations and live performances. There are also a number of fun activities for kids.

The Harpoon Beer Garden is an attraction on its own. The waterfront location allows guests to experience the freshness of Boston Harbor from the warmth and comfort of their own boats or on the shore. The Harbor is teeming with local residents and visitors, offering delicious fare prepared by local chefs. Guests can enjoy the live entertainment, beer sampling and live music while they enjoy their beer and nibbles.

The Seafood Restaurant is a waterfront restaurant in the Harbor featuring many of the city's most popular dishes. The restaurant showcases local seafood from around the world, including lobster, crab, shrimp and more. photograph Guests have the chance to try the food, view the fish, take home their favorite dish and experience the hospitality of Boston's largest seafood provider.

Crab and seaweed are just as much a part of Boston's seafood industry as oysters and clams. This seafood fest also features a crab bake and a demonstration of the art of making Boston Crab Chowder. The demonstration will include live demonstrations from local seafood chefs. Seafood lovers will also get the chance to sample various crab dishes at the crab bake. This is where a variety of Maine and New England Crab are served.

Harpoon Beer Garden Pub is another way to enjoy the festival. A special tapping of Harpoon beers begins the evening before guests arrive and is followed by live music by the Harbor Lights. This is one of many waterfront restaurants that host events during the celebration.

Harpoon is not the only brewery to join in on the festivities. The Harbor Brewing Company also has a booth to showcase its award-winning beers. A number of specialty brews will be featured. In addition, the Festival will feature other offerings from the Bay State breweries of Nantucket, Wrentham and Olde Towne. Local vendors are also on hand to sell items such as crab and seaweed cookies, pretzel sticks, clam chowder and ice cream sandwiches.

As if the Seafood Festival was not enough to keep tourists busy, you can also sample some delicious treats at several of the other attractions around the area. There are also free activities such as kayaking, fishing, hiking, boat charters and boating tours.

The Harbor is home to an amusement park and the Pier Park, which is home to an amusement park and many indoor and outdoor attractions. This is also a great spot to experience the Harbor Lights, a series of lighted displays that offer a unique way to view the sights from the waterfront. The Festival is just as beautiful from the shore, with live music and beautiful sunsets.

You may want to visit the Maritime Museum of Art in Boston Harbor. This is home to over two hundred works of art, many of which feature boats. If you are looking for something a little more romantic, you may want to check out the Maritime Museum of History or the Maritime National Maritime Museum of America.

There is also plenty of things for the younger crowd at the Maritime Museum of Boston. There are also a playground and a mini golf course to enjoy. The Museum also features a boat ramp and a boat launch for boaters.

The Seafood Fest is a must for any vacation to the city. The best part is that there is no admission charge to enjoy all of the fun!