The Boiled Seafood Restaurant


Boil Seafood Restaurant has opened its doors with an exotic menu featuring the now-elusive, Southeast-Asian-style fried crawfish. Hieu Doan, the owner of Namese Vietnamese restaurant in Midtown, is responsible for this newest restaurant. The Boiled is a fusion of Vietnamese and French cuisine. Their menus are rich with flavors of fish, garlic, chili, spices, and vegetables. Dishes consist of soup, appetizers, and salsas. The soups include a delicious pork dish called "Anh Tuyet," a seafood delicacy in Vietnam. Sides are similar to those found in Asian-restaurant, including the popular Anh Tuyet Spring Rolls. For dessert, the "Chili Dessert" consists of warm cinnamon-flavored crepes.

Seafood Hot Dogs?

Hieu Doan was instrumental in introducing his boiling and steaming technique to The Boiled seafood restaurant. His concept is similar to how hot dogs are cooked and steamed. He started his business in New York City and now he has expanded his restaurant chain to other states, including Texas. original The menu at the Boiled seafood restaurant consists of five different entrees. They include Ahi Tuna, Squid Ink Roll, Cucumber Salad, Spicy Tuna Salad, Spiced Shrimp, and Ginger & Sesame Chicken salad. Each dish is accompanied by a dipping sauce like mango, lime or cucumber. The appetizers include Ahi Tuna appetizers, Squid Ink appetizers, and Cucumber Salads. The soups include Shrimp soup, Cucumber salad, Spicy Tuna soup and Spicy Shrimp salad. The entrees are all seafood. Seafood lovers will be pleased to find that this restaurant offers a variety of seafood such as smoked salmon, shrimps, mussels, clams and scallops. The seafood is prepared with fresh ingredients. They come with vegetables or rice as an accompaniment.

Great Service

The service is friendly and professional at The Boiled seafood restaurant. The servers are very informative and helpful during meal preparation. You can enjoy the taste of seafood at this establishment. The menu is quite different from other restaurants. Specialties include Ahi Tuna, Squid Ink Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Cucumber Salads. The entrees come accompanied with a dipping sauce. The appetizers include Ahi Tuna appetizers, Squid Ink appetizers, Spicy Tuna appetizers, and Cucumber Salads. art The soup choices include Shrimp soup, Spicy Shrimp soup, and Chicken Pho. The appetizers are served with rice or noodles. The Soups include Shrimp soup, Cucumber Salad, and Spicy Shrimp salad. The salads are served on grilled bamboo leaves. The Shrimp soup is served with a dipping sauce.

Served with Fresh Vegetables

The other entrees served include shrimp, squid, mussels, and clams. The appetizers include Crab, Shrimp appetizers, crab meatballs, and other items. The entrees have been prepared by the owners with fresh vegetables. Crabmeat is served with vegetables on grilled toasts. The dishes are served with dipping sauce. The restaurant caters to all kinds of seafood lovers. Its focus is on offering the best quality seafood dishes. They also offer a wide array of other Asian foods and desserts for your dessert. The staff is very friendly and cheerful. You will never have a hard time finding the right place to have lunch or dinner here. photo The menu at the seafood restaurant is reasonably priced. You are offered a large variety of choices for every budget. We recommend everyone to try out The Boiled seafood restaurant if you are a seafood lover. The restaurant reviews from satisfied customers are very favorable. It has two rooms; one for the dining area and one room for the pool. It serves lunch and dinner daily. The service is first class. The wait staff is always polite and the dining experience is fun. If you want to try out different dishes, they serve different kinds of sushi.