Crabliciousness! The Baltimore Seafood Festival

July 2020 Baltimore Seafood Festival, Baltimore. This 3-day seafood celebration is a great showcase for Maryland's seafood and fishing industries, and also for local food makers. sample

Visitors get the chance to sample some of Maryland's best seafood and shellfish, as well as other locally produced local produce. The highlight of this festival is the annual "Mardi Gras of Seafood," where guests are allowed to taste live crab. There are also contests for best Maryland crabs and best oysters; prizes for best seafood appetizer, best homemade sauces, best Maryland oysters, and best Maryland oysters prepared at the Maryland crab festival.

Crab dishes are available at the crab festival from noon to six p.m. each day. Some of the most popular crab dishes at the festival include crab cakes (served on French bread with a dipping sauce of cream cheese, butter and mayonnaise), crab chowder, crab fried steak, crab gumbo, crab rolls, crab sandwiches, shrimp rolls, crab cakes (served on French bread with a dipping sauce of cream cheese, butter and mayonnaise), and crab rolls (served on French bread with a dipping sauce of cream cheese, butter and mayonnaise). Other crab dishes offered during the Festival are shrimp cocktail, crab sandwiches, crab dip, crab stew, potato salad, crab cakes, shrimp gumbo, crab salad, lobster rolls, shrimp po boy, and crab cakes.

Crab cakes and mardi gras of seafood can also be found at the Crab Fest at the Maryland Aquarium in Baltimore. There are over two dozen different species of crab that are featured at the Crab Fest. Some of these species are live-caught and others are the ones that have been frozen and brought to the Maryland Aquarium.

Many crab houses are open and offer tours throughout the day at their Crab House Tours. They give tours of the crab farm and house, and they even tell visitors how they catch their crabs. Crab vendors are also found onsite selling fresh and frozen crab.

For seafood lovers who love a great meal, there are numerous restaurants at the Baltimore Seafood Fest, from traditional sit-down restaurants to kiosks selling seafood sandwiches and hot dogs. You can also buy crab sandwiches, hot dogs, crab cakes, crab chow, homemade jambalaya, and other crab dishes and beverages. The Maryland Aquarium offers the only crab vending machine, as do several street vendors throughout the Baltimore area. image

Seafood is the main attraction at the Crab Fest, but you don't want to miss out on the fun and relaxation of this event if you plan to stay overnight. Guests can also take in the beach, visit the crab shack, and purchase a hot dog and hot potato on one of several inflatable boats. A band called the Baltimore Shrimp Band and the Blue Turtles also play at the Baltimore Seafood Festival.

There are no admission fees to attend the crab festival, but the Maryland Aquarium and Baltimore Zoo are required to charge an admission fee for children. Visitors can also pay the entrance fee and bring their own crab or shellfish and crabs to eat.

The Baltimore Seafood Festival is held every July, beginning on the first day of summer. The Maryland Aquarium will announce dates before the event, and you will be able to visit the Baltimore Seafood Festival website for more information. Each year, the Baltimore Seafood Festival features thousands of crabs, lobsters, oysters, shrimps, clams, and snails. During the event, participants sample the delicacies of all of these species and taste live crabs.

The Baltimore Seafood Festival also features a variety of live entertainment, including crab races, an interactive water tank, and live music. recreation The Maryland Aquarium has an onsite radio, with an onsite PA system. and a website with news articles and events. Visitors can purchase tickets to the Baltimore Seafood Festival online.

Crab and shellfish are one of America's favorite foods, and the Maryland Aquarium strives to provide an experience that brings families and food lovers together. They offer educational and fun exhibit, demonstrations, and presentations. The Maryland Aquarium's aquarium is located near the corner of Eastern Avenue and Fells Point. Take in the Aquarium's exhibits on Saturday, and you will find that you cannot leave the Baltimore Seafood Festival site until you get home!

Crab lovers of all ages are encouraged to attend the Baltimore Seafood Festival to experience the excitement of the Maryland Aquarium's crab farm and to try the crab they have served and cooked on their menu. For many, the Baltimore Seafood Festival is the highlight of the month of July in Annapolis, as it is always one of the highlights of summer in Maryland.